You must be thinking which hotel is the best hotel near the beach in Durres, but before we discover that, let’s take a look at the top hotels near the beach in the world.  

Paradero Todos Santos

Though experience-based lodgings are old news in countries throughout South America and Africa, Paradero claims to be the first hotel brand to introduce the model to Mexico. Located on a previously unused 5.5-acre plot within a farming community in Baja California Sur’s Todos Santos, it’s become the mission of Mexico City-based founders Pablo Carmona and Joshua Kremer to preserve the over 160 acres of family-owned farms that surround the property. The resort, set in front of a palm tree oasis about 20 minutes from the beach, is made up of a series of brutalist-inspired structures designed by architects Ruben Valdez and Yashar Yektajo. 

Though the resort’s outdoor spa and half-moon shaped infinity pool make it hard to leave the grounds, it would be a shame to miss out on guided hikes through cactus fields to reach the deserted Las Palmas beach, taco tours of the best local spots in Todos Santos, or private surf lessons. The hotel has custom boards positioned in the open-air living room, an airy sanctuary where guests kick back and relax post-adventure in anticipation of seafood-centric meals. 

Little Palm Island Resort & Spa 

Dream of the world’s top tropical private island resorts, and immediately places like Maldives, the South Pacific, and the BVIs come to mind. The continental U.S.? Not so much. But it turns out that a close-to-home private island retreat is once again thriving on an isle off the Florida Keys: the small but mighty Little Palm Island. This hideaway had been catering to the travel elite since 1988, but was ravaged by Hurricane Irma in 2017. Spinning tragedy into opportunity, the resort embarked on a complete rebuild and redesign that took nearly three years to complete. 

By summer 2020, a rejuvenated Little Palm Island was ready for its close up, debuting a seductive tropical aesthetic and a timeless beachy elegance. Combined with the island’s natural setting, castaway vibe, new programming and new amenities, it finally feels on par with the world’s best far-flung private islands. Little Palm Island 2.0 proves that sometimes a sequel is even better than the original. 

Tuba Club

You could be forgiven for breezing right past one of France’s most talked-about new hotels. Located in the fishing neighborhood of Les Goudes, which butts up against  the Calanques National Park, this is a classic “business in the front, party in the back” scenario; little more than a small sign marks the Tuba Club’s presence. The former scuba diving center once frequented by Jacques Cousteau doesn’t just face the sea, it’s practically in it. Those who come without a swimsuit for a cocktail on the rocks  (actual rocks), consider yourself forewarned: You will get splashed. But that’s part  of the appeal of this five-cabana hotel opened by a self-described friends collective  of design and hospitality vets. 

Iliria Internacional 

Last but not least is the answer of the question you had from the beginning which is the top hotel near the beach in Durres and of course the answer is Iliria Internacional Hotel. Located 7 km from the city centre Iliria Internacional offers to its visitors a wonderful stay and hospitality like none other.