Because luxury hotels in Durrës, especially Iliria Internacional Hotel, represent a different way of experiencing the city of Durrës.  A place where life is simple and the view is immaculate, with breathtaking panoramas and enchanting pathways Durrës is a place that must be discovered. 

In Durrës you will find a lot of bars, restaurants, luxury hotels and this article will be a guide on finding the best beach hotel in Durrës and luxury hotels in Durrës.

Why Choose Iliria Internacional Hotel? 

  1. To feel like a guest and not a customer. In the intimate atmosphere of the hotel, you enjoy the comforts of a private home and a warm family welcome, together with the facilities of a modern hotel. A hotel in which every member of the staff makes your holiday feel the spirit and atmosphere of Durrës City. 
  2.  To give yourself a well earned break from the stress of everyday life. In an oasis of peace, amidst the perfumes and flavours of times past, enjoying all the best of Durrës City. At Iliria Internacional Hotel everything has been designed for relaxation, intimacy and tranquillity. 
  3. Because there each and every day starts in the best way possible, with a delicious breakfast served in the hotel’s restaurant: With fresh sea food collected from our local fishermen. These are the things that make Iliria Internacional the best beach hotel. 
  4. To receive invaluable information about walks and itineraries, taking in both the most celebrated sites and lesser known places, all of which of a quite incomparable beauty; making the most of your vacation on the city of Durrës
  5. Because on your arrival at Iliria Internacional Hotel you’ll find exactly that which you have seen and booked on our website. They make sure you are fully informed on what you are booking and the experiences there.  

What is included in the price of  luxury  hotels in Durrës? 

Prices are per room, per night, and include continental breakfast with extremely delicious food, air conditioning, wireless internet connection, parking, a private beach and a gorgeous view. 

Iliria Internacional Hotel is one of the best hotels with a private beach in Durrës.  Luggage transportation is available for all our guests, because we want to make sure you experience the full luxury experience.  

If you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy your stay Iliria Internacional Hotel is the right choice , it’s the best beach hotel in Durrës, Albania. Enjoy the culinary, the luxury, the view and the private beach at Iliria Internacional Hotel. We hope this article helped you find the perfect hotel for your vacations.